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"How I Used Webinars to Attract 800+ Clients in 50 Days...?"

I’ve got something REALLY good for you today (put your wallet away, there’s nothing for sale…) just some really good content and tips you can use to get clients immediately.)

If you don't have time to read this now, PRINT IT OUT, and take it with you. It's that good.

Few years ago, I was able to attract 800+ clients with just one webinar.

What was I selling? A social media training course for $997.

...And it took me 50 days to pull the whole thing off!

How did I do it?

I'll leave no stone left unturned and teach you everything in This email you are reading right now.

The formula I'm about to share with you has been tested, over and over and over again since 2007 (that's the first time I attempted to sell using webinars)…

The first 3 projects I launched with webinars FAILED miserably.

No one showed up, and if they did, very few bought.

After 2 years of failing with webinars, I cracked the code in 2009, and had my first 6 figure month using webinars.

Since then, I've launched several successful projects, and businesses strictly using webinars and videos, and today,I'll share the most valuable & profitable things I've learned throughout my journey.

Choosing a Business and Pricing Model

First, figure out what you're going to sell.

Is it an 8-week course? Mastermind group? Done for you service? 1-on-1 coaching?

Next, figure out the pricing model you're going to use.

Is it a 1k course? 3k event? 10k service? 25k done for you service?

Pricing is important.

Pricing will determine how you're going to structure your webinar.

If it's priced $3k and below, it can be sold via webinar and videos, and it doesn't require you to talk to anyone over the phone to close the sale.

Side note to people selling over 3k on webinars without the phone: I'm sure you can close packages higher than3k over webinars without the phone… I've done it, but not in a SCALED manner

… And I have a rule of thumb for myself… If I can't get200 'high-paying' clients with a certain pricing structure or model, I'm not going to use that model.

For me, it's all about having a business, and pricing model that can scale sustainably, and is aligned with my lifestyle.

If it's priced higher than 3k, you need to add a'personal interaction' component to it like a strategy session over the phone, or a personal email or chat.

Either way, it needs more 'personal' for you to sell at higher price points.

I'll give you a few examples based on my personal experience...

Few years ago, I sold a 'high end' software product and course for 1k , and got over 800 paying clients in less than2 months, without ever picking up the phone.

Few years ago, I also sold done for you services for my marketing agency, and got over 250 clients (in just a few weeks) who paid anywhere from 1k-2k+ for my services…. never spoke to them on the phone either.

It all happened automatically via webinars.

So for my packages and services that cost 3k-100k+,I make sure to ALWAYS add an application process or offer a 'strategy session', as more TRUST is required for selling a higher ticket program.

Live Webinar VS. Auto Webinar Vs.Hybrid Webinar Vs. No Webinar

Should you do live webinars or recorded webinars? Or nowadays, the hybrid webinars where it's part live and part recorded…

I've done all of them successfully.

As the years went buy, I focused more on having my businesses run WITHOUT me involved.

I focused more on creating something evergreen, soI switched over to recorded webinars.

Done right, it produces the same results.

To push the envelope even further, I experimented with NO webinar registrations, or collecting emails for one of my service based businesses, and it still worked!

I'll give you an example, and explain my thought process for doing this…

One of my high ticket businesses, I don't even collect Email leads anymore.

Yes I know that's a big 'mistake' for most people…I get it. I used to have an affiliate marketing business, and made up to 10k a day, sending emails


But for this specific business, I preferred to get moreStrategy session/consultation requests rather than the typical email lead.

Most people were promoting programs in this space through webinars… The market was getting used to it, so I had to change the approach a little bit to stand out

… And it worked!

So I sent people straight to the video with email forms, and at the end of it all, I collected applications for a strategy session.

It goes against what most people are doing, but 4+ months later, we generated over 4,000+ applications for strategy sessions… and for me, I preferred having 4,000Super serious red hot prospects versus 40,000'Not-so-serious' freebie seekers.

Again, that's just me.

I guess nowadays, I do have an overall high ticket mindset. Not only do I sell at the highest prices, I also demand and expect the most premium kind of leads for my business… cause that's what they are at the end of the day

... LEADS!

One Single Switch I Did… That AttractedMore 25k-100k+ Clients To Me...

If you can't IMAGINE, someone paying you 25k-100k for what you do… I promise you… this time, It's YOU, not them.

For the most part, there's always a market segment in any profitable industry that is willing to pay the big bucks, 6 figures and more.

You just need to know how to find them, and attract them (if that's your goal)...

Before that, you have to work on your confidence level, and mindset…

The good news is that's something that can CHANGE within hours, or minutes if you really wanted to…

So that's in your control.

But yes, there's a whole world out there, where 6 figure deals are happening left and right, and you're missing it.

There's a few ways you can do it.

First, it starts with figuring out what to sell for 25k-100k or more…

Is it a done for you service?

Is it working for a bigger client?

Is it access to you for a year?

Next, sell this 6 figure package as the first point of entry…or better yet, provide it as an upsell to your clients.

If you have a REALLY great funnel… and you have the rare ability of being able to impact and influence people on a deep, core level, then you can pull off selling6 figure packages up front.

The other option, which works well is selling it to existing clients.

For example… In my business, the sweet spot is getting a 10k client.

They're just the best kind, in my experience.

It's a lot easier selling a 10k client up front then it is to sell a 100k client up front.

So in one of my high ticket, service based businesses,I have a sequence in where new clients are exposed to a series of educational webinars after they buy, and it leads up to selling the 6 figure packages within7-14 days.

Works well.

The KEY to making it work, is to get your clients results fast OR find a way to IMMEDIATELY just provide them with a ton of unexpected VALUE when they sign up

… And if you sequence it correctly, Day 7-14, they'll be open to buying more from you, at a much higher level.

And when I say 100k client, that can break down in different ways…

That can be someone paying you 10k a month…someone paying you 10k up front, then 30k in2 weeks, then 40k in a month, then 20k in 3months… Or it can be someone just paying you straight 100k up front.

What's next?

The webinar formula!

Creating Webinars that SELL Extremely Well


Inside my company, we follow a 17 point check-list for all my webinars…

I can talk about this for days, but this email is gettingREALLY long, so I'll keep it simple.

I like to break down my videos, and webinars into 3 sections…

  • The Intro
  • The Content
  • The Offer

It's really not complicated.

Let's talk about the intro…

The intro should do 3 things, at the very least

  • Capture your attendees undivided attention
  • Make them WANT to finish the webinar till the very end 
  • Build your credibility and position you as anAUTHORITY

There are dozens of ways to do this, but for simplicity sakes, I'll give just 1 example for each.

How do you capture your attendees attention?

Make a bold promise of solving a problem during the webinar, or delivering a benefit they want… (and make sure you deliver on it).

For example "In this webinar, you'll learn exactly what to do to get 3-5 potential new clients, chasing you… every single day…

How do you make them WANT to stick until the end?

Peak their curiosity, and give them something they want ONLY at the end…

So for example, saying something like "At the end of the webinar, I'll be giving away the exact sales scriptI use with people over the phone… It's the same oneI've been using for the last 7 years.... I'll be giving it away at no cost at the end, so make sure to pay attention, and watch this till the very end"...

Tell your story from zero to hero… what your life was before, and what it's like right now.

**Next, let's talk about the actual content…and the content section should do 3 things, at the very least…

  • Build the VALUE of why they need to learn this system or approach.
  • Give people multiple paradigm shifts… multiple AHA moments… along the way.
  • Give people multiple paradigm shifts… multiple AHA moments… along the way.

How do you build the value?

Sell the idea that the system or approach you're about to teach is the solution they are looking for.

Give examples too.

How do you give them a system with actionable steps?

Easy. Break your method down to 3 or 5, or more steps.Figured out what results your client wants, and then figure out the steps he/she needs to take to achieve that result.

So for example, if you're in the weight loss niche, the steps can be Get your mindset right, Eat right, Train right, and get accountability…

You get the point.

… And make sure to go ahead and go over those steps in your webinar.

Go into detail, and give away stuff that you would normally charge money for.

How do you give people multiple paradigm shifts?

Tell them your mistakes, and the lessons you learned along the way.


**Finally, let's talk about your offer… your offer section should do 4 things, at the very least…

Tell them what them what they are going to get...

Tell them what it will do for them

Tell them what to do next

Use the power of deadlines and REAL urgency

How do you tell them what they're going to get?


Tell them.

Seriously, don't over complicate it. Just tell them in simple, easy to understand language.

Doing this appeases the LOGICAL side of your potential client.

Easy. Translate your offer into benefits, they understand, and want. So if your potential client, wants to get more publicity, then you have to make the 'connection' as to why your offer will get them more publicity.

In short, know what they want, and make sure they know your offer is the fastest, easiest, or most sure way to achieve it.

Doing this appeases the emotional side of your potential client.

How do you tell them what to do next?

Whether is't clicking a link, or applying for a strategy session.

Be clear what you want them to do, and tell them to do it.

Now the last part of the offer, is so important, it deserves it's own section...

Real Deadlines and Urgency -The Million Dollar Lesson...

How do you use deadlines and real urgency?

If you're not using this yet, you're missing out.

2 of my most successful colleagues, use this. One made close to $10M in 1 year, with webinars using this…and another filled up 200-300 seats for his own seminar costing 1k a head... in just 48 hours… without any affiliates using this strategy.

Understand this… Procrastination is the biggest killer of all sales. Instant action is your best friend.

How did the guy that did close to 10M in sales do it?

The offer was only available as long as the webinar was going on. The moment the webinar was over, the offer was pulled offline. There's no time to think about it.

Either take action, or go home empty handed.

How did the guy that filled up 200-300 seats in 48hours do it? He opened up registration for his event for only 48 hours. He put a real deadline to the offer, and then he closed it.

That's the power of using real deadlines and urgency in your marketing.

Keyword here is real.

So now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…How I actually used webinars to get 800+ clients in just 50 days without spending anything up front ?

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